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In China, Kids Don Suits Made Of Watermelons To Cool Off

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To combat the heat in China, some parents have thought of a creative way for their children to cool off by putting them in a suit made of watermelons.

This trend started in Wenzhou in July, when the first photo of a child in a watermelon suit surfaced on the internet.

Soon, more photos ended up on microblogging site Weibo, and the phenomenon soon became viral, with TV news networks covering the trend.

Parents are now making their children watermelon suits, though others have modified watermelons to make armor, bikinis, and other tropical outfits.

Many have called them eco-friendly and actually think these will help the little tykes cool off, though a dermatologist has stated that there is a possibility of skin irritation as a baby’s skin is highly sensitive.

Apart from that, it is definitely not advisable to wear watermelon suits for a long period of time as the moist rind could breed germs and bacteria.

However, it seems like people are doing this for fun, with adults getting in on this trend just to post goofy photos of themselves.


What do you think—are there some other creative ways of beating the heat which are a little more hygienic?

[via Kotaku]
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