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Striking Posters For Classic Movies Mix Typography, Quotes, Soundtracks

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Curitiba-based Brazilian designer and illustrator Bily Mariano Da Luz—also known as “Butcher Billy”—has created a series of striking movie posters for classic films that visually represent the movies’ quotes, soundtracks, colors and typography.

Inspired by how it is the “sharp mix of media” that immortalized these movies in pop culture—and not any single aspect—these posters are designed around famous quotes that many people may know of, even if they have not watched the films.

Making use of the iconic typefaces and colors associated with each movie, the designer is able to bring across the essence of the well-known films.

Scroll down to view the rest of the posters from the “Types, Quotes & 2 Smoking Design Tools” collection.


[via Butcher Billy]
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