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Shoe Designs You Can Download For Free & 3D-Print At Home

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While this clothing printer we featured earlier this year is just a concept for the future, Finnish designer has Janne Kyttanen has made a solid step towards 3D-printed fashion with his new collection of shoes.

Kyttanen has created four styles of wedges—namely the “Leaf”, “Macedonia”, “Facet” and “Classic”—of which, their design files can be downloaded for free by anyone, who can then produce it with a 3D-printer.

Made for Cubify, an online platform that turns your 3D-printing ideas into reality, users will ideally be able to 3D-print this line of wedges in their homes when these high-tech machines become common household appliance.

For now, even if you do not own a personal 3D-printing machine, you can still have your pair of wedges printed by Cubify—download the free design files here.


[via Design Milk]
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