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A Collection Of Illustrated Logos For Cities You Should Visit Before You Die

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Graphic designer and illustrator Federica Bonfanti has created a print—titled ‘Have You Ever Been To’—that features a collection of lovely illustrated logos for cities that you should see before you die.

From Osaka to Vienna, each logo shows intricate details that are associated with the city it represents—while most of the featured cities actually exist, we have also spotted a logo for the fictional Gotham City.

For some reason, it seems that some of these cities are not spelt in English—for instance, Berlin is spelt as "Berlino" while Sydney is spelt as "Sidney".

There are little white circles under each of the logos that one can check off as they make their way around the globe.

How many of these cities have you already been to?


[via Federica Bonfanti]
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