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Simple But Clever Prank Uses Twins To Create Illusion Of Teleportation

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YouTube channel PrankvsPrank has recently teamed up with twins Jack and Finn of JacksGap to execute a simple but clever prank that left its unsuspecting victims baffled.

After Jack or Finn asked a passer-by to take his picture for him, a collaborator appears to distract the victim while he hides—his identical twin then appears in another place that is impossible to get to in a few short seconds, which creates the illusion that he has teleported.

Watch the video below to see the funny reactions of the victims—unlike some of the other pranks we have featured, this one does not risk anyone getting a heart attack.

You can easily replicate this prank and all you need is a pair of twins—or two persons that look alike—a camera and a friend to act as a decoy.


[via Picture Correct]
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