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Adorable Advertisements Roll Down Baggage Conveyor Belts In Japanese Airports

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Toyama Kitokito Airport

The few minutes that you spent by the baggage conveyor belt at the airport waiting for your luggage is time that you won’t be getting back—so why not be entertained while you wait?

The Japanese have come up with the ingenious idea of placing adorable sculptures on the baggage belts in their regional airports, which advertise local attractions and delights.

From cute mascots to the culinary highlights of a particular prefecture, the eye-catching artworks are hard to miss and will bring a little color to the dull task of luggage collection.

We are especially taken with the gigantic plates of sushi, udon and other delicious dishes that come down some of these baggage belts—designed to make one think of food, we are sure that quite a number of tired and hungry travelers will be making a bee-line for the nearest restaurant once they get through custom checks.

Scroll down to view some of our favorite baggage belt sculptures—or head over here to view the entire collection.

Yonago Kitaro Airport, Tottori Prefecture

Asahikawa Airport, Hokkaido


Takamatsu Airport, Kagawa Prefecture

Okayama Airport

Nagasaki Airport

Oita Airport

[via RocketNews24]
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