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This Spine-Tingling Vodka Bottle Has A Glass Human Skeleton In It

Hamburg, Germany-based designer Johannes Schulz has created a brilliant concept design for the bottle of a fictional vodka brand, “Spine Vodka”.

Taking the name of the brand literally, the designer created a bottle that holds a wonderful golden spine and rib-cage in it—he kept the rest of the bottle design simple so as not to distract from the intricacy of the glass human skeleton.

Imagined as “a real drink for a real man”, Schulz wanted the bottle to be a eye-catching conversation-starter—"I integrated the spine with the ribcage to communicate a product with a "backbone", a beverage that lives up to its promise, to be a honest and strong drink.”

View more images of this striking packaging concept below—don’t you think that this can easily double as a great décor piece?

[via Johannes Schulz]
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