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Sunglasses That Let Color Blind People See The World As It Really Is

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Writer David Pogue is severely red-green color blind—in a recent review for The New York Times, he tried on a pair of sunglasses that is designed to solve the problem of color blindness.

Manufactured by a company named EnChroma, these sunglasses feature lenses that are “specifically designed to address color blindness and utilize a 100+ layer dielectric coating we engineered for this precise purpose by keeping the physiology of the eyes of colorblind people in mind”—however, such technology doesn’t come cheap with the piece of eyewear retailing at US$600.


According to Pogue, these glasses “really do work”—they have even allowed him to view a complete rainbow, something that he has never been able to do before, bringing him a moment of wonder and joy.

However, despite this, the reviewer still deemed the price of these sunglasses to be too steep, when he considers that color blindness is not that great a hurdle in his life.

If you are color blind, will you fork out US$600 to be able to view the world as non-color blind people see it?

[via The New York Times]
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