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A Caffeinated Spray That Delivers Energy Through Your Skin

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Created by entrepreneurs Benjamin Yu and Deven Soni, ‘Sprayable Energy’ is “revolutionary” caffeinated spray that is capable of delivering energy to the body through the skin.

Odorless and colorless, it can be sprayed on like perfume, delivering the same energy boost one would get from drinking coffee or energy drinks.

According to its website, four sprays of ‘Sprayable Energy’ is equivalent to drinking a cup of coffee, but it won’t cause you to crash and have jitters.

Each bottle of ‘Sprayable Energy’ contains about 40 applications, or 160 sprays. It is currently priced at $15 per bottle on Indiegogo.

To find out more, please visit its website here.


Click to watch the video below:

[via Sprayable Energy]
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