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In Japan, Sleeping Bags That Look Like Pastry Are In Style

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After Twitter user @chiemitter uploaded a photo of these beds which looked like bread, the internet wondered where and how they could get their hands on these beds.

It turns out that Japanese retailer Felissimo sells a wide variety of beds, sleeping bags and cushions which are shaped like different kinds of pastry.

Each type of bed has a name, like the one called “Thick Slices of Japanese Cushion Bread”—which makes the user look like he/she is lying on four slices of bread, and comes accompanied with a red blanket which is akin to ‘strawberry jam’.

There is also the “Flop Down in a Chocolate Nap” sleeping bag, in which the sleeper can pretend he’s wrapped up in a warm chocolate bun.

Quirky and fun, these beds sure make sleeping time a lot more amusing.

Check out the rest of these “beds” below.


Cream Pocket Bread

Thick Slices of Japanese Cushion Bread

Thick Slices of Japanese Cushion Bread

Goodnight Desert Omlette

Goodnight Desert Omlette

Flop Down in a Chocolate Nap

Flop Down in a Chocolate Nap

[via Kotaku]
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