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If Internet Explorer, Chrome And Other Internet Browsers Were Outfits

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Los Angeles, California-based photographer Viktorija Pashuta has always wondered what it would be like if ladies dressed up as internet browsers—and she decided to embark on that idea.

Created with the help of make-up artists Tokiko Inoue and Heiddis Ros, hair stylist Tre Major and stylist Chalia Young—the fashion editorial piece she calls “What If Girls Were Internet Browsers” for Fashion Affair Magazine, features ladies in Internet Explorer-, Firefox-, Opera-, Chrome- and Safari-themed outfits.

The outfits are a visual resemblance of the five different web browsers—featuring the various colors schemes, down to the specific elements and details.

Pashuta wrote, “I have tried to reflect the style of each internet browser through the means of clothes, shoes, accessories, props and poses itself.”

She also added that her friend Juli described the outfit that takes after Internet Explorer is “flashy”; Firefox, “sexy”; Opera, “elegant”; Chrome, “utilitarian”; and Safari, “trendy/hip”.


Would you ever be clad in an Internet Explorer-themed outfit?

[via Viktorija Pashuta]
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