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New York Public Library Sets Up Photo Booths, Lets Visitors Take & Share Selfies

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Getting into the spirit of the digital age, New York Public Library has recently installed two photo booths on its premises that allows visitors to “capture a moment in their library visit” and share it on the internet.

Located at the Stephen A. Schwarzman Building in Astor Hall and the Mid-Manhattan Library respectively, these photo booths let library-goers snap self-portraits of themselves, which are then emailed to the subjects and uploaded to the NYPL website.

Each selfie can be tagged with pre-selected words—for instance, “reading”, “studying”, “visiting”, “exploring”, “borrowing”—that describes how the person pictured is using the library.

All the photographs taken by the photo booths are now on display at the NYPL Photo Booth account on Flickr.


[via New York Public Library, Gothamist]
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