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Portable Rail Handle Lets You Ride The Subway Safely & Comfortably

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Not being able to grab a rail reach in a crowded subway car is a common peak-hour frustration— to solve this problem, San Francisco-based designer Justin Choy has come up with a portable public transport handle to help you commute safely and comfortably.

Using Kickstarter to springboard his project, Choy’s product enables shorter commuters to hold on to mounted rails that they would not be able to reach otherwise—the ‘Rail Reach’ is also quite hygienic, as users will not have to touch the germ-ridden public handles.

This lightweight plastic reach can be extended and folded for easy use and storage.

The handle and hook are also made of rubber to ensure comfort and a secure grip, and its colors can be customized to suit the user’s taste.

Choy is also offering to design a rail reach that is equipped with a mirror, allowing the user to check his or her appearance as well as to look behind without having to constantly turn around.

While the designer aims to design a universal rail reach, Choy is also willing to redesign his product to accommodate the different types of subway trains present in cities worldwide.

Scroll down to view more of this cleverly designed solution.


[via Kickstarter]
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