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The ‘World’s First’ Basketball Watch Helps You Improve Your Shots

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Need help on those free throws or three-pointers? ‘Hoop Tracker’ has got you covered.

Dubbed as the ‘world’s first’ basketball watch, it is a wrist-strapped device that tracks every shot you make on the court.

Worn on your non-shooting arm, it wirelessly connects to a shot detector that attaches to the rim of a basketball hoop.

Besides tracking your shots, it also analyzes your strengths and weaknesses by indicting your overall accuracy from different locations on the court—be it the free throw line, three-point line or the perimeter.

All of this information can be viewed on the ‘Hoop Tracker’ watch, however, if you need more data, you can choose to upload it to a website, where it will provide a greater analysis of your progress and skill.


To find out more, watch the video below:

[via Hoop Tracker]
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