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In Japan, Drivers Decorate Their Trucks With Lots Of ‘Bling’

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After the Japanese anime Torakku Yarô Trucker debuted in the '70s, everyone wanted to quit their jobs and drive a large truck with lots of “bling”.

This has resulted in a phenomenon called “Dekotora Trucks”, which translates to “decoration trucks”, in which many truck drivers jazz up their vehicles in the most ostentatious way possible.

Many trucks are decked out in bright neon lights and almost anything that is bright and shimmery—including chandeliers—can be used to decorate these vehicles.

For some drivers, this hobby keeps the loneliness at bay, but this has also become a competition as drivers compete to see who has the showiest truck.

To match the exterior, the interiors of these trucks are also decorated as well, making each truck more flamboyant than the last.

Scroll down to view the various types of “blinged out” trucks.


[via Tofugu, images via Satoshi Minakawa and Pink Tentacle]
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