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NFL Teams Reimagined As ‘Game Of Thrones’ Houses

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Reddit user Tim Proby aka ‘whats_hotDJroomba’ has creatively imagined what the different NFL teams would look like as ‘Game of Thrones’ houses.

“The NFL and Game of Thrones both have drama and fan reaction that you don’t see anywhere else in entertainment,” he told Co.Create. “The passion of both fanbases is equal.”

He reimagines each team by pairing their existing icon with a cool house motto, creating something like a war banner that “celebrates the glory of each team”.


For example, the Miami Dolphins have been given the motto “From The Depths We Rise”, while the New York Jets’ motto is “Fly High, Fly True”.

To check out the full collection, please click here.

[via Fast Co.Create, images via minus]
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