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Coffee Company Offers Food Pairings To Better Bring Out The Flavor Of Your Cuppa

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Copenhagen-based specialty coffee company Coffee Collective recently started offering food menus that go with each of its specific coffee, much like the food pairings that restaurants do with their wine—these coffee-food menus typically consist of sourdough bread, butter and a special jam with a side of cheese or cured meat.

The idea for such coffee food pairings comes from some restaurants that have introduced the flavors of coffee into their tasting menus.

According to the team at Coffee Collective, “The idea was to keep it as simple as possible. Three small dishes, each paired with a specific coffee as a combined experience. The dishes change along with our coffee menu, so new flavor combinations can be tested.”


The food that is served as part of these new menus is selected to complement, and not to distract, from how the coffee tastes—the chosen dishes will also change along with the coffee menu.

Find out more about these coffee-based food pairing menus here.

[via Coffee Collective]
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