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Artist Captures Greenland’s Changing Landscapes In Breathtaking Drawings

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Artist Zaria Forman’s project ‘Chasing the Light’ is part art expedition and part vow fulfillment to her late mother.

Inspired by the changing arctic landscapes of Greenland, and her late mother’s wish to undertake an Arctic voyage, Forman embarked on a journey to the Northwest coast of Greenland in August 2012, documenting the stunning views in her notebook.

Through her pastel drawings, Forman hopes to create awareness of the effects of climate change on these natural wonders, and to invite audiences to “share the urgency in a hopeful and meaningful way”.

In her continuing effort to tackle climate change, Forman’s next project will focus on the low-lying Maldives, which she says will likely be the first country to be swallowed by rising sea levels.


[via My Modern Met]
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