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In Japan, A Caterpillar With A ‘Hello Kitty’-Shaped Face

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Hello Kitty, one of the most beloved cartoon cats in the world, has a die-hard following both in its native Japan and many other countries—but who would have thought that Mother Nature would be a fan as well?

Website The Featured Creature recently featured the caterpillar of the Chinese Bush Brown butterfly, which has a face that looks remarkably similar to that of Hello Kitty.

With pointy feline ears and a cat-shaped face, these strange larvae can be found crawling along the leaves in rainforests and deciduous forests—amazingly, it also morphs into a butterfly with cat-like eyes on its wings.

It seems you can put Hello Kitty on anything and it will be a hit, and this applies to even caterpillars—in Japan, there are toys and art inspired by this “Hello Kitty caterpillar”.

What do you think—is this adorable or creepy?


[via The Featured Creature]
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