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Thought-Provoking Portraits Of Youths Who Are Unhappy With Their Natural Body

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Cambell, 16 years – Transgender male to female

In her photo series ‘In My Skin’, photographer Michelle Sank captures British youths who feel compelled to change their bodies as a result of being influenced by images in magazines, television and online sites.

Whether they are looking to conform to Western standards of beauty, recovering from anorexia or feel they were born into the wrong gender, a common thread joins these youths together; they do not accept their bodies.

In changing their bodies, they are challenging their own and society’s notions of conventional physical beauty.

What do you think? Do you think it is right for young people to pursue physical perfection at such a young age?

Amy, 21 years – Breast Augmentation at 18

Olli, 19 years – recovering from anorexia

Roland, 19 years – Alias Lady Gaga

Paige, 16 years – Awaiting Breast Augmentation

Jackie, 18 years – Full transition surgery at 16

Hannah, 20 years – Lip fillers, breast augmentation, botox, body liposuction, rhinoplasty


Mike, 22 years – Body enhancing supplements and body waxing

Hannah, 17 years – Botox

Jaye, 25 years – Prior full transition to female surgery

John, 19 years – Transgender female to male. Now gender neutral

Ben, 17 years – Shaves his legs and straightens his hair

Jason, 19 years – Body Builder

Matt, 18 years – Transgender female to male

Jade, 20 years – tattooed eyebrows and hair extensions

Nicola – recovering from anorexia, and Rachel – Breast augmentation, Twins, 20 years old

Saraya, 20 years – Full body liposuction and lip fillers

[via Feature Shoot, images via Michelle Sank]
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