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A Nuclear Fallout Shelter That Looks Like A Luxurious Suburban Home

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Girard “Jerry” B. Henderson built this fallout shelter beneath his home in 1978 to get ready for a nuclear meltdown.

Unlike the dreary concrete bunkers associated with bomb shelters, this underground home in Las Vegas looks like a luxurious suburban home.

Currently for sale and valued at US$1.7 million, this two-story house has two bedrooms, a four-car garage and even an artificial backyard.

The backyard even has a 360-degree mural which creates the illusion of living above ground, accompanied with special lighting to reflect the correct time of the day.

Getting to the house requires a bit of sleuthing as its main entrance is concealed by the caretaker’s abode, while the stairways and elevators within this underground home are hidden by rocks.

There is also a sauna, two hot tubs, a swimming pool and an outdoor barbecue pit also in the guise of a rock.


The rest of the house is furnished with the aesthetic of ’70s homes.

Would you like to live in such a house?

[via Digital Journal]
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