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Designer Reimagines ‘Helvetica’ As A Hotel

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New York-based designer Albert Son, also known as Jung Hwan, has decided to imagine the branding of a hotel that takes after the typeface Helvetica.

His personal project, dubbed ‘Helvetica Hotel’, covers everything from the branding of the hotel to its amenities, in the “‘Helveitca’ way”.

The look is kept clean and simple and features items, such as business cards, hotel room access cards, shampoo bottles and whisky bottles.

“The idea of the branding is to create a hotel that is not only a young, fun and easy place to stay and relax, but also an up-to-date and trendy landmark that could sell cultures and lifestyles of the typeface, which is neutral, clean, simple,” Son wrote.

“As it’s most beautiful when it is by itself, focus of the overall branding was on keeping everything simple and clean in terms of typography as well as use of colors.”

Would you stay in Helvetica Hotel if it were real?


[via Albert Son]
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