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Microsoft's Bing Unveils A New Logo

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New Logo

Some internet giants updated their logos recently, and Microsoft’s Bing seems to have jumped on the same bandwagon by refreshing its current logo.

The previous fat, rounded font has been switched for a tighter, slimmer font.

Subtle changes also reveal a ‘Microsoft touch’, such as the angular cut on the ‘b’ that mirrors the ‘t’ of the Microsoft logo. The color and shape was also inspired by the bottom right section of the Microsoft flag.

“We’ve even aligned our kerning [the space between letters] on the ‘i’ and ‘n’ to match the kerning on the Windows logo,” said Scott Erickson, senior director, brand and creative at Microsoft.


The font, which borrows heavily from the Segoe font, was conceived by designers and creatives across Microsoft “to create a new look that’s simple, streamlined and beautiful”.

The company hopes that this revamp will refresh its consumers’ mindsets of Bing, and was done in conjunction with an all-around update to the site.

What are your opinions on the new logo?

Old Logo

[via Mashable]
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