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Intimate Photographs Give A Bird’s Eye View Of Sleeping Parents-To-Be

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Annoyed with the fact that many of her friends were talking about having a baby, Russian photographer Jana Romanova decided to create a photo series of sleeping parents-to-be.

Called “Waiting”, Romanova chose to photograph couples when they were sleeping, as she believed this private time between couples showed “their attitude[s] to each other and the life that is growing inside the family.”

As she wanted her photos to be as natural as possible, the photographer waited until it was five or six in the morning to get the perfect shot, sometimes entering her subject’s house at wee hours in the morning to take the pictures.

The bird’s eye view was achieved with Romanova standing on a ladder, giving the viewer an intriguing vantage point.

Over two years, the photographer has emailed many couples and asked if they wanted to be part of her project, taking 40 photos of 40 couples, with each picture representing a week of pregnancy.

Intimate and daring, each photograph shows how powerful love can be.


[via Slate]
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