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Potato Chips Packaging Redesigned For Men With Big Hands

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The typical potato chips packaging is usually longer in height and has a narrow opening at the top, which can be considered inconvenient for men with big hands—as the small opening makes it hard for them to get to the snack or causes them to get their entire hands dirty from touching the sides of the packet.

Instead of just letting them open the packets from top to bottom—the longer side of the packaging—creative agency BTL Brands decided to design a packaging with men in mind.

The agency gave McCoy’s potato chips—that’s been long marketed as “man chips”—a concept redesign that claims to be “uniquely manly”.

The size of the bag remains the same; however, the structure of the packaging of the brand has been changed to feature the opening along the longest side—so that “proper big-handed men can actually fit their hands into the bag,” BTL Brands told Packaging of the World.

The design was also “manned up” and simplified: the shiny plastic look of the packaging was replaced with one that was matte brown, and printed with only black ink.

Does this concept redesign look manlier? And does it make life easier for those with big hands? You decide.


[via Packaging of the World]
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