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‘4th Trimester Bodies Project’ Showcases The Beauty Of Post-Pregnancy Bodies

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Pinup and boudoir photographer, Ashlee Wells Jackson, embarked on a different kind of photography project inspired by her experiences as a mother of three.

Titled ‘4th Trimester Bodies Project’, it is “dedicated to the beauty inherent in the changes brought to [women’s] bodies through motherhood, child-birth and breastfeeding”.

Describing how her body was “devastated” after her recent pregnancy, and how she was “unable to accept the changes and the new body [she] was carrying around”, she explained how this made her realize that she shared this pain with many other mothers in the world.

Jackson aims to shift society’s perspective of physical perfection to the beauty of motherhood, where ‘the scars, stripes and stretches’ are embraced and not reasons to be demoralized.

Jackson’s poignant photographs are testament to beautiful, brave women who are positive about their bodies. Find out more about her project here.


[via Huffington Post and The 4th Trimester Bodies Project]
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