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Guy Comes Home To Find Beer Flowing Out Of Every Tap In His House

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A group of guys in New Zealand decided to play a prank on one of their good friends, Russ—which involved secretly plumbing his home, so that beer came out of every tap.

Commissioned by New Zealand beer brand Tui, Russ’ pals snuck into his house while he was out, to plumb in kegs of beer, and wire hidden cameras to catch their unsuspecting friend’s reaction.

When Russ got home, he discovered the icy cool golden liquid treat dripping out of a tap in his kitchen sink—and went on to discover that beer, too, flowed out of the tap and showerhead in his bathroom.

Don’t you wish you had such a great bunch of friends too?

Watch the videos below to see how they did it, and Russ' reaction.


[via YouTube]
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