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A Museum That Showcases Vintage Vibrators And Sex Toys

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Polar Cub (1928)

For those who have wondered about the history of vibrators and sex toys, The Good Vibrations Antique Vibrator Museum in San Francisco will answer your questions.

This 300-square-foot museum showcases toys which were available from the Victorian era to the ’70s, and were collected by the Good Vibrations sex store.

Visitors will notice that many of these toys look like sewing machines, fans and tea kettles so that they would blend into the home, while other nerds will like the fun facts and commentary accompanying the exhibits.

Check out some of these intriguing vintage sex toys below.

Dr. Macaura's Pulsocon Blood Circulator (1880-1920)

Dr. Johansen's Vibrator (1904-1907)


Detwiller Pneumatic Vibrator (1906) )

Vibrosage (1933)

Redusaway (1940s)

Rolling Pin Heat Massager (1932 )

Spot Reducer (1950s)

Stim-u-Lax (early 1960s)

Hitachi (late 1960s-early 1970s)

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