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Designer Stops Texting, Sends Photos Of Hand-Written Calligraphic Messages

After resurrecting her father’s old calligraphy pen, designer Cristina Vanko decided to experiment with it by texting hand-written calligraphic messages to her friends.

Dubbed “Modern Day Snail Mail”, the designer’s friends appreciated her hand-written messages—one friend even likened this act to “passing notes around the room,” while another said it was “old school + new school.”

Although this was a novel way of doing things, Vanko experienced difficulties in replying her friends as she did not always have paper around—she also had to be more careful with her words, paying attention to spelling and grammar.

Through this creative project, Vanko reflects on how we have been influenced by technology, and how it has changed us, for better or worse.

Scroll down to view the rest of the responses to this project.

[via Cristina Vanko]
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