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Designer Prints Words On Meat To Create Poster, Shows We Can Advertise On Meat

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To create a poster for international design and innovation consultancy firm IDEO’s WebDev101 sessions, Digital Chops, US-based industrial and Interaction designer Ivy Hu decided to experiment with laser-cutting unconventional objects.

The object that was victim to this exploration: meat (as it’s related to the word “chops” in Digital Chops).

With a slab of meat and a laser-cutting room, Hu created a laser-etched meat poster that contains printed words and details.

Her experiment proves that ‘printing’ things on meat is possible—the only thing was that some of her fonts were too small to be visible.


Given that words and pictures can be printed on meat, which would mean ads can be printed on meat—does this mean that in the future, we could all be eating meat with ads on them? And have to pay more for meat with no ads?

[via Ivy Hu]
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