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In Japan, ‘Full-Body Umbrellas’ To Keep You Dry When It Rains

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Torrential rains—what would we be without them? Most definitely, dry.

Sometimes even with an umbrella at hand—especially when the rain is accompanied by gusty winds, to make the droplets travel sideways—you’d end up drenched.

To have you ‘covered’, there’s an almost rain-proof umbrella that was spotted in Japan.

Spotted by Singapore-based Filipino Kiks Balayon, the awesome ‘full-body’ umbrella looks like five umbrellas put together, with some extra material to fill up gaps, and is held by a handle in the center—so the umbrellas surround its user to keep him/her dry.


Should the inventor of this cool gadget mass produce this for the world?

We do wonder how it opens up and closes though.

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

Click to view enlarged version

[via Flickr]
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