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Animal Instincts: Pet Condoms To Protect Cats & Dogs From Pregnancy

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Before you think that a condom for cats and dogs that are “on the prowl” really exists now, ‘Animal Instincts Pet Condoms’ is actually just a clever, tongue-in-cheek campaign by San Francisco SPCA.

Attracting the attention of pet-owners with what is supposedly the “world’s first pet condom”—“For your pet’s active lifestyle”—the campaign reminds people to spay or neuter their pets in a creative way.

There is even an official-looking website for this innovative-but-fictional pet condom brand, complete with helpful tabs that teach users “how to put on a pet condom” or “talk to pets about protection”.


When you do click on these links, a pop-up tab would inform you that it is all a lighthearted hoax and that there is only one real fix to prevent pet pregnancy—which is to spay or neuter your pets.

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