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In Madrid, An Ephemeral Installation On The Street That Mimics Light

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At this vegan restaurant in Madrid, a multidisciplinary team known as (fos) has created an ephemeral installation that gives a projected facade of illumination.

The installation is titled (fos), the same name as the team itself. The name (fos) means ‘light’ in the Greek language, and ‘melted’ in Catalan.

Using yellow tape, painted décor items, pineapples and a lamp, (fos) creates a visual spectacle between perspective and colored volumes. It covers both vertical and horizontal surfaces.

(fos) is a trio of independent architects, interior designers, art directors and graphic designers that comprises of Eleni Karpatsi, Susana Piquer and Julio Calvo.


The result is a gorgeous ephemeral installation that would strike the fancy of passersby.

[via CJWHO]
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