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In Venezuela, There Is A Prison Where Inmates Can Do Anything, Except Leave

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Located on Margarita Island in Venezuela, the San Antonio prison allows inmates to do anything they want—except leave, that is.

The prison, which houses many drug traffickers, allows inmates to watch TV, cook, surf the web and even take a dip in the pool.

Some prisoners even have jobs—a few are barbers, some manage the cockfighting club while others sell drugs and manage their illegal businesses via phone.

Guests are allowed to come and go as they please, including the wives, girlfriends and children of these inmates. The neighboring 54-unit women’s annex means that lonely singles can find love, too.

However, this seeming utopia is not without a darker side as these privileges were implemented by Teófilo Rodrigues, also known as “El Conejo”, or “The Rabbit”.


A former drug trafficker, Rodrigues’ symbol, which takes on the form of a Playboy logo, shows up on the prison walls and is tattooed on some inmates who are loyal to him.

As the self-proclaimed guardian of the place, El Conejo has also imposed some rules as regulations, and those who do not abide by them are punished—a painting on the wall testifies to this as it depicts Rodriguez as a train conductor, with his subordinates about to shoot a snitch hung from a noose.

Apart from that, a wide variety of guns can be found within the prison’s walls as well, showing the lack of regulation when it comes to rehabilitating convicts.

[via Oddity Central and You Tube]
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