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Homeless Man Set To Launch First App After Just Weeks Of Learning To Code

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Image by Fran Berkham, Mashable reporter

New Yorker Patrick McConlogue started a fascinating social project about a month ago—he offered a homeless man, who he passed by everyday on his way to work, two options: US$100 or lessons in coding.

Interestingly, the homeless man—named Leo—took up McConlogue’s offer of coding lessons (i.e. an hour every weekday, running through eight weeks), and started learning programming with three JavaScript books and a basic laptop.

In the weeks since the start of this unusual project, Leo has made impressive progress in his study and is actually working together with Patrick on building an app—the pair plans to launch the app at the end of Leo’s eight-week coding course.


A great showcase of what education and will can do, the project has garnered considerable media interest in the past weeks—most people are eager to find out what Leo’s first app would look like.

You can follow Leo’s progress on the project’s Facebook page—doesn’t this inspire you to learn something new?

From left to right: Leo, Patrick

[via Business Insider, images via Journeyman Facebook page]
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