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Banksy Sold Artworks Anonymously At Central Park, Almost Nobody Bought Them

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On the thirteenth day of Banksy’s ‘Better Out Than In’ exhibition that sees him creating a new piece of work every day, he set up a nondescript street stall at New York City’s Central Park, where his artworks went for just USD$60 a piece.

His graffiti-style work could normally fetch up to USD$30,000, but instead, he earned a mere total of USD$420 from the sale of eight pieces of artwork to three customers.

In this video of what happened during the day, it shows eight of his paintings being sold. Four to a man from Chicago, two to a mum (who negotiates to have two small canvases for the price of one) for her children, and two to a young woman tourist from New Zealand.

Watch the video below to see how passers-by ignored the stand filled with the coveted works of the famous artist.


[via The Verge]
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