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In Tokyo, A ‘Penguin Bar’ Where You Can Watch Penguins While Having A Drink

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Penguins are well-loved creatures, especially by the people of Japan. Recently, their penguin obsession extended to a unique bar that actually houses live penguins.

The ‘Penguin no Iru Bar (translated as ‘The Bar Where There Are Penguins’) is adorned with penguin paraphernalia, but the main attraction has to be the four adorable penguins that live in a glass enclosure at the back of the bar.

‘Penguin no Iru Bar’ aims to be a place of relaxation where people can be comforted by watching the penguins. Couples are encouraged to hold their wedding parties or anniversary dinners there to pick up a bit of penguin ‘luck’, as penguin couples are known to be extremely loyal.

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[via Rocket News 24 and Penguin no Iru Bar]
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