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Stunning And Intimate Photographs Of The Big Cats In South Africa

Wildlife photographer Hannes Lochner spent two years in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa documenting the trials and tribulations of Luna, a female leopard raising her cubs this this harsh climate.

This proved to be challenging as these predators hunted at night, making it difficult for the photographer to capture them.

However, keeping a lookout for these majestic beasts in his jeep paid off as Lochner managed to capture the leopard, lions, as well as other predators.

His hard work has come to fruition as Lochner has put together a book called The Dark Side Of The Kalahari, showcasing the wonder of wildlife as well as Luna’s story.

Check out some of these stunning photographs below.

The photographer and Noa Koefler, who filmed this project.

[via Daily Mail]
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