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Levi’s Denizen Dresses An Elephant In Jeans, Enters It In A Pageant

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Image by Denizen

In a bid to promote Denizen’s jeans, Lorena Garal and Nawed Kahn traveled to Jaipur to take part in an elephant pageant, although this comes with a catch—the animal has to go in a pair of Denizen jeans.

The video takes us through the process of getting the elephant ready for the pageant, from bathing it, putting colorful makeup on it, to entering the pageant itself.

In a strange mash-up of east and west, the elephant entering the competition looks like it would fit in more in New York City rather than India—and it seems like the judges did not take to it since it did not win.

Using this ad, Denizen has also announced its “Elephant Pageant Edition” range of jeans—which may not be the best move in the fashion world as it may be viewed as patronizing to image-conscious women.

What do you think of this ad campaign?


[via Metro UK]
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