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In Japan, Clever Burger Wrapper Lets Women Open Their Mouths Wide In Public

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You may not think much about opening your mouth wide in public, but in Japan, it is actually considered to be bad manners for women to do so.

This was the main reason why the large “Classic Burger” by Japanese burger chain FRESHNESS BURGER didn’t do well with female diners—they had to open their mouths really wide to eat it.

Thus, enter the ‘Liberation Wrapper’. Printed with an image of the lower half of a woman’s face, this burger wrapper is designed to hide the eater’s mouth while she is eating a burger, making it appear as if she is somehow managing to keep her “Ochobo”—“small and modest” mouth—throughout the meal.

The introduction of the wrapper allowed women to indulge in the Classic Burger in public, and caused the sales of the fast-food item to rocket by more than 200%.


Watch a video about this ingenious burger wrapper over here.

[via Lost At E Minor]
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