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Pop-Up Shop Sells Bottles Of Sunshine, Air, Moonlight

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Would you buy bottled air, sunshine, or moonlight? If you think about it, it's much like buying bottled water.

To make consumers rethink their bottled water-buying habits and send the message home, Australian water-supplying company Yarra Valley Water set up a pop-up shop to sell absurd ‘organic’ products.

Also found online, the recently established boutique aptly-named ‘Dupé’ (pronounced “due-pey”, but really is shop for dupes) vends packaged sunshine, air, moonlight, good vibrations, positive thoughts, vintage compliments, good moods and well wishes.

“All our products are untouched by man and captured straight from the source. When you choose Dupé, you’re choosing the most fresh and organic money can buy,” the store description wrote.

Thankfully just a marketing gimmick—the pop-up shop shows how ridiculous buying bottled water is, by comparing it to purchasing other natural resources that are freely available—encouraging patrons to use and drink tap water instead.

According to the company in the video description: “You can get 6,000 glasses of tap water for the same cost as a bottle of water.”

From hereon, would you still buy bottled water?

Watch customers getting discombobulated by the retail assistant of the Dupé in the video below.


[via The Daily Edge]
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