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Rare Vintage Gold-Plated Leica Camera To Be Sold For Over UK£1 Million

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A rare, gold-plated Leica Luxus II camera will be sold at an auction in Hong Kong on 22 November 2013.

Although the camera is valued between UK£500,000 to UK£800,000, experts say that this vintage model could fetch over a million pounds.

Marc Allum, an antiques expert and presenter of the television program Antiques Roadshow, said that he discovered the camera 12 years ago and was in disbelief when he looked at it the first time.


Experts speculate that this camera was made for someone wealthy as it is adorned with gold-plated rims and crocodile skin.

Jon Baddeley, the manager director of Bonhams, the company assisting with the auction, speculates that the camera was given to its late owner from a family friend after World War II.

The owner, an amateur photographer, was unaware of how valuable this camera is—it may be the only surviving model even though three others were made.

Amazingly, this gorgeous product has stood the test of time, and proves that the Leica brand is integral to the history of photography.

[via The Telegraph]
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