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In Japan, Owl Cafés Are Now Popular Places To Hang Out

Japan is famous for its cat cafés, where customers can have a cuppa while petting a furry feline—but those who love owls can visit “Fukurou Cafés” (or owl cafes in English).

Two shops, “Fukurou no Mise” which translates to “Owl Shop”, and another, “Tori no Iru Café” which translates to “The Cafe with Birds”, opened up last year—but more of them have been set up across the nation.

Some of these cafés serve owl-themed treats with a bird perched on you, while other shops are more strict and only allow you to pet them.

Although these coffee shops seem to be cool hang out spots, many of these owls may prove to be dangerous as they are not tame animals.

What do you think—should these owls be free instead?

[via Kotaku]
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