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A Deodorant That Makes You Smell Like A Sizzling Pan Of Bacon

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J&D Foods have come up with a deodorant that will make you smell like a sizzling pan of bacon.

According to co-founders Dave Lefkow and Justin Esch, this deodorant is recommended for people “who sweat like pigs,” although we think that it is more appropriate for people who cannot get enough of that amazing breakfast smell.


Called “Power Bacon”, this strange product costs US$9.90 and should be “applied liberally” to one’s armpits and nether regions.

This deodorant really works, as the staff at the Seattle radio station Movin 92.5 have done a sniff test by blindfolding a fellow co-worker, getting him to sniff several armpits with different scents. The last armpit had been coated with “Power Bacon”, with hilarity ensuing when the victim found out that he had been sniffing armpits all along.

[via Huffington Post]
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