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The Sydney Museum Of Words: A Place To Reflect On Language

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Words are integral to our lifestyles, and writers, linguists and philosophers have waxed lyrical on their importance. But how often do we contemplate a word for all its meaning and worth?

The first of its kind, Sydney Museum of Words provides a platform for the discussion of words, placing them on the center stage for people to reflect on.

The words, ‘nominated’ by some notable personalities, will be mounted and hung around the rooms in the style of a museum gallery. There is also an audio tour, where each word’s etymology, along with its significance to Australia, will be explained.

The exhibition will run for two weeks starting Saturday, 16th November in Sydney’s Potts Point. The public are invited to ‘nominate a word’ on the website.

“The idea is to encourage people to spend time reflecting on words outside of their everyday use. We’re taking words out of their normal context,” says curator, Charles Firth.


[via Oyster and Sydney Museum of Words]
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