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In Japan, ‘Orange Peel Art’ Might Be The New Origami

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‘Mikan’, or mandarin oranges, are common winter treats in Japan, but the Japanese have found another way to use these thick-skinned fruits. It turns out that the rough orange peel can be cut and twisted into complex shapes, and the craft has been termed ‘mikan art’.

The craft might be new to non-Japanese, but the Japanese have been practicing it for awhile. In 2010, Yasuhiro Okada’s book, Atarashii Mikan no Mukikata (New Ways to Peel a Mikan), was released, containing 25 diagrams and instructions for creating shapes out of mikan peel.

More experienced crafters use a full, unbroken piece of mikan peel, but the peel can be separated to make smaller shapes as well. Some crafters also use the peel to complement the round orange fruit in their creations.

Have a look at some creative ‘mikan art’ pieces below, and try it out yourself the next time you decide to eat an orange!


[via Rocket News 24 ]
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