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You Can Now Sprinkle Caffeine Onto Your Food For An Energy Boost

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Many people reach their workday slump after lunchtime, and there is now a way to beat fatigue and be more productive.

Instead of ordering a good cup of coffee, there is ‘CaffeinAll’, a product which allows you to sprinkle caffeine on your food for that energy boost.

The product works like a salt shaker, allowing the user to sprinkle a little on his or her food, with 100mg and 200mg of the product being sold at 10- and 20-cents respectively.


CaffeinAll is sold in such a manner as the creators do not want people to abuse it, although users can take over nine shots (900mg) at their own risk.

The caffeine in this product is tasteless, and gives the user an energy boost in 30 seconds, as opposed to the caffeine rush after drinking a cup of coffee, which only kicks in after 30 minutes.

The makers also warn against taking it directly as it may cause stomach irritation; minors, pregnant women and people who have heart conditions are not advised to use it.

[via Caffex and Inventor Spot]
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