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In Tokyo, A Relaxing ‘Nap Café’ For Women To Catch Some Sleep

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Sometimes, caffeine does not suffice, especially when you have been working all day on minimal sleep. A little shop in Tokyo’s Chiyoda-ku vicinity provides the solution for women who need a bit of shut-eye in the middle of the day.

‘Nap Cafe Corne’ is a females-only nap café where women on-the-go can pay a small fee to catch a couple of Zs in comfort. The cosy nap café is not the first of its kind in Japan, but its attentive service, female policy, and low prices has earned it quite some popularity in Tokyo.

Patrons can not only enjoy a nap, but also make use of the make-up and changing rooms, have snacks and drinks, and use the kitchen and restroom. A change of clothes can be provided for patrons who do not wish to have their outfits wrinkled, or have been drenched in the rain.

The nap spaces have a meditative ambience, featuring long couches with canopy curtains for privacy. Relaxing aroma oils are provided, and patrons can also choose from different types of pillows.


Women do not have to take a nap—they can simply relax their bodies, read a book, charge their electronic devices, and check their emails. The cost of fueling up at the nap café is 150 yen (US$1.50) for every 10 minutes. Find out more on the website.

[via Rocket News 24 and Cafe Corne]
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