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Brazen Instagram Account Steals People’s Selfies And Edits Them With Photoshop

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When blogger Carrie Nelson posted a selfie on her Instagram account, she didn’t expect it to become the subject of a ‘selfie makeover’ by an Instagram account called ‘photoshop_fantasy’.

The owner of the ‘photo_fantasy’ account offers to give any Instagram user a Photoshop makeover—all they have to do is tag their photo with #PsFantasy and the transformation will be made as soon as possible.

Nelson, however, was one of the users whose privacy was violated—‘photo_fantasy’ had given her a shiny, Barbie-like makeover even though she had not requested for one.

“I took my selfie because I knew I didn’t look conventionally gorgeous in that moment. I took my selfie because I wanted the world to see me raw, flaws and all. I took my selfie because I can be beautiful even when I’m tired and depressed. I took my selfie because, beauty standards be damned, I liked my disheveled face on Sunday. That image empowered me far more than an unsolicited airbrushing ever could,” the angry blogger wrote on her website.


‘photoshop_fantasy’ has since issued an apology and removed Nelson’s photo, but is still offering its services to those who want to be Photoshopped.

[via PetaPixel and The Frisky]
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