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iPhone Attachment Produces Popcorn Scent When You Play A Game

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Video games are not for noses—but to give your olfactory organ a treat, popcorn lovers Pop Secret partnered up with Deutsch Los Angeles to create a mobile phone attachment that emits the smell of popcorn.

Created for the game Poptopia,Pop Dongle’—the experimental phone accessory that looks like an adorable cartoon popped kernel—lets you smell the game by producing a spritz of popcorn scent, when players swipe the butter character within the game.

The more you play the game—that requires you to pop as many popcorn kernels as you can—the more Pop Dongle emits the delicious smell of freshly popped popcorn.

Only available on eBay, the device can only be activated with top secret instructions, which will be sent to the winning bidder via mail.

Would you like a phone accessory that emits the smell of popcorn?


Watch the video below to find out more on how Pop Dongle works.

[via Pop Secret]
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